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Recovery & Relapse Prevention Programs in Bothell, Washington

Break free from substance abuse problems by turning to our alcohol and drug rehab center in Bothell, Washington, for alcohol and drug recovery and relapse prevention programs. Our primary goal is to ensure you live a happy, fulfilling, and bondage-free life. Group sessions offers support and encouragement to each participant.

Deferred Prosecution

In addition, we have treatment plans for DUI offenders, which are mandated by the state of Washington. It consists of intensive outpatient treatment, weekly aftercare (foundation of recovery) and monthly monitoring over a period of two years.

Relapse Prevention Programs

Don't suffer from a relapse when you can stop it before it happens. This program is for clients that have had a relapse, a history of relapse, or are concerned that they may relapse in the future. It focuses intensely on identifying past negative behaviors, as well as developing and practicing a plan individually tailored to avoid relapse in the future. We meet weekly in a small group setting.

Aftercare Foundations of Recovery

Continue your progress and journey with our aftercare foundations of recovery program. We focus on your daily struggles, challenges and highlight your successes. We help you develop solid and realistic change plans to effect long term comfortable recovery. We help you develop and implement a solid sobriety based value system to help you through your everyday life
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Monthly Monitoring

There is great power in numbers. Our monthly group meetings offer ongoing accountability and support as you continue on your road to recovery.

Substance Use Disorder Mild Program

Substance Use Disorder Mild Program (Change)
Some clients do not meet the traditional criteria for addiction. Alpha Recovery Choices offers a program for those that have problematic use of alcohol and other drugs in their lives. The format is primarily educational and designed for clients to make application to their own lives. Clients leave the program with a plan to avoid any further life problems related substance use to:

Alpha Recovery Choices offer a program for those that have problematic use of alcohol and other substances in their lives. The educational program is designed for clients to make application to their own lives. After completion of the program clients are able to leave with a clear plan to avoid further life problems as well as any other substance use issues.

Individual Counseling

Discover freedom and joy in life with help from our seasoned counselors. These private sessions are ideal for clients that have specific needs that are best addressed in a one-on-one basis. Frequency and duration is mutually agreed upon between the client and counselor.
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